Online Success: A SEO Recipe for Joomla Websites

Joomla websites provides an excellent way to be found online more quickly and easily than other search engine optimization methods. Joomla puts your brand in with its target audience by harnessing rankings that are close to the first page of the search results. Typically, it is ideal to be on the first page of search results, but it is not something that can be guaranteed.

Google, the largest and most powerful of all of the search engines, will seemingly overnight change algorithms that yank or place sites closer or farther down in the rankings. That is part of the reason no guarantees can be made.

In one of its most sweeping algorithm changes, in 2012, Google switched the emphasis to high-quality content. For that reason, the algorithms are still set up to crawl for readability with a watchful eye for how searchers respond to the content.

If the searchers read the results, click on the site, and then return back to the search results, it is unfavorable for the website. Here is how to work favorably with the search engines using Joomla website.   
Optimize that Joomla website with these tips. Use short and easily understood URLs. This makes for more readable links that are SEO-friendly. It creates faster indexing. Always stick with one tag for each title and keep them under 60 characters in length.

Do use at least one primary header, called an H1 in HTML, within your site. This alone improves the indexing process. The ability to be indexed is one of the primary ways Google considers a site a success for SEO purposes.

In addition, take the time to create a meta description of 160 characters. Also, make sure that you alt tags to images you use on your site so visitors who cannot see the images can still know what they are missing. The alt tags should be between four and eight words and incorporate one keyword.
Less is best with the world of keywords. Stick to between three to five per page only. Keyword stuffing is not only unkindly looked upon by the search engines, but it will drop your site ranking.

In addition, use anchor text along with the keywords rather than relying upon "click here”. It is important to continue building links internally and externally. If you use too many external links it can be too much.

Make the site filled with evergreen content that continues to make the site relevant and informative. It makes it more enticing for other bloggers to link to it.

Take time out to create a well-organized site map. This assists search engines to find you and access the site. Use the Joomla Extensions Directory that are related to SEO. Do use SH404SEF, which prevents duplicate content.

A great help is the SEO-GENERATOR, which creates descriptions of the articles. Joomla's SEOSIMPLE uses text from individual pages and assigns values for the purposes of the meta description tag. Also use the EASY FRONTEND SEO to control metadata.

Google Webmaster Tools enhances your SEO work. After all, if Google is not happy, then no one is going to be happy. The Webmaster Tools will provide feedback on your site. Robots.txt file is great for indexing the images from your website.

Avoid using Flash on Joomla. Again, this will upset the search engines, so avoid using Flash.

Look at this as a great resource as you work through development of your Joomla website. This is the recipe for success with search engines.

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